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        The Municipal Social Welfare and Development maintains its office at Ibaan, Batangas. It is manned by a Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer, Social Welfare Officer I, Day Care Worker II and casual employees. Its maintained objectives are as follows:

       a.   To care and protect the physically and mentally handicapped and the socially disabled constituents for effective social functioning, disabling or dehuman.

       b.   To coordinate the service facilities required from such agencies, GO's and NGO's for the provision of an integrated welfare package to its constituents on the basis of their needs.

       Objectives will be attained through the proper delivery of programs and services, to wit:

       I.  Social preparation for people's participation includes the community mobilization.

       II.  Assistance to socially disadvantaged families

             -   The program aims to enable them to assume their roles effectively as responsible parents and ensure family unity, thus, developing their capability in defining needs and formulating solutions.

             -   Marriage counseling service given to engaged couples for preparation, enriching skills of marital relationship.

       III.   Care, protection and rehabilitation of children and youth for the care and protection of abandoned, neglected, abused or exploited children and youth delinquents and others for their social adjustment and economic self sufficiency.

             -   Day care service. As per RA 6972 an act establishing day care center in every barangay and as a result, 25 day cares centers have been established.

             -   Monthly weighing of children

       IV.  Enhancement of socially disadvantaged women

             -   Protection of women welfare giving specific attention to the prevention/eradication of exploitation of women in any form as well as promotion of skills for employment and self-actualization.

             -   Social communication skills

             -   Promotion of rights of women

             -   Provision of livelihood assistance/skills training

       IV.  Disability prevention for disabled persons

             -   Promotion of disability prevention of physically, mentally and socially disabled persons.

             -   Provision of assistive devices

             -   Training for parents of persons with disability

       V.  Relief and rehabilitation of victims of natural calamities and social disorganization and distressed displaced persons

             -   Aid to individual in critical situation (financial assistance)

             -   Referral to different hospitals for medical assistance and other examinations

             -   Emergency assistance.


 FEBRUARY 04, 2012
(Day 1 Saturday)
 3rd Mountain Bike Endurance Challenge
       "Padyak 2012"
       Mayor Juan "Danny" V.        Toreja Cup
       (6:00 AM at Municipal Wide)

 Ibaan Auto and Motor Show
       "Swag 'n Ride"
       (8:00 AM at Patio)

 Mayor Juan "Danny" V. Toreja
       "2012 Region IV-A Age        Group"
      "Taekwondo        Championship"
       (9:00 AM at Recto Gym)

 Invitational Cup Championship Games
       Exhibition Games
       (Laguna Golden Lions VS.        Provincial Capitol)
       (Ibaan Club 40 VS. Provincial        Capitol)
       (5:00 PM at BR Medrano)

 FEBRUARY 05, 2012
(Day 2 Sunday)
 Medical/Dental Mission
       "Tiyak ang Kalusugan sa        Bayan ni Juan"
       (6:30 AM at Fr. G. Colletti        Gym, SJA)

 Opening of Trade Fair
       "Ibaan Barakahan"
       (9:00 AM at Recto Gym)

 2nd PapagayuJuan
       (10:00 AM at Market Site)

 Mutya ng Ibaan 2012 Talent Night and Swim Suit Competition
       (6:30 PM at BR Medrano)

 FEBRUARY 06, 2012
(Day 3 Monday)
 Ibaan Barakahan: A Trade Fair
       (8:00 AM at Recto Gym)

 Fun Run: Patikaran Na Naman
       Cultural Presentation:

       "KANTASIYAHAN SA        IKA-180 NG IBAAN"
       Inter Barangay Amateur        Singing Contest        (Elimination)
      (06:30 PM at BR        Medrano)

 FEBRUARY 07, 2012
(Day 4 Tuesday)
 Ibaan Barakahan: A Trade Fair
       (8:00 AM at Recto Gym)

 Jobs Fair 2012
       (8:00 AM at Recto Gym)

 "Liempuhan at Akoustik"
       (4:00 PM at People's Park)

 FEBRUARY 08, 2012
(Day 5 Wednesday)
 Ibaan Barakahan: A Trade Fair
       (8:00 AM at Recto Gym)

 Cultural Presentaion:
       DepEd Night

      (6:30 PM at BR Medrano)

 FEBRUARY 09, 2012
(Day 6 Thursday)
 Ibaan Barakahan: A Trade Fair
       (8:00 AM at Recto Gym)

 Cultural Presentaion:
       LGU Night, Bankers and        NGO

      (6:30 PM at BR Medrano)

 FEBRUARY 10, 2012
(Day 7 Friday)
 Ibaan Barakahan: A Trade Fair
       (8:00 AM at Recto Gym)

Cultural Presentation:

       "KANTASIYAHAN SA        IKA-180 NG IBAAN"
       Inter Barangay Amateur        Singing Contest        (Finals)
      (06:30 PM at BR        Medrano)
 Battle of the Champions
      (8:00 PM at BR Medrano)

 FEBRUARY 11, 2012
(Day 8 Saturday)
       (6:00 AM at Saint James the        Greater Parish Church)

 Street Dance and Parade "Kulambuan"
      (7:00 AM at Poblacion        Main Street)

 R/C Demo and Exhibiton
      (10:00 AM at Patio)

      (1:00 PM at Saint James        Village)

 Mutya ng Ibaan 2012 Pageant and Coronation Night
      (6:30 PM at Patio)

 FEBRUARY 12, 2012
(Day 9 Sunday)
 Dirt Bike Invitational Cup
       (9:00 AM at Munting Tubig)

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